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Premium walnut or cherry boards in either 8x10 or 9x12 size with a circular cut out for a custom insert of etched jade marble, laser engraved acrylic, or FoilArt disc. Each with a background of brushed suede. Copy is either laser engraved directly into the wood surface or on a brass or aluminum plate. Polished gold or silver trim accents the two radiused edges.

NOM100 - 912
9x 12 Cherry
w/laser engraved
acrylic disk

NOM100 - 912
9x 12 Walnut
w/laser engraved
acrylic disk

NOM130 - 810
8x 10 Cherry
w/foilart medallion
and laser plate

NOM130 - 912
9x 12 Walnut
w/foilart medallion
and imprinted plate