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Laser Engraving - Utilizing a computer actuated high energy beam of light, our lasers vaporize the material being engraved. Text and graphics reproduce with exceptional clarity and detail. Post engraving colorfilling and color highlights can be added to wood, acrylic or marble products.

FoilArt - A 1/8 acrylic panel is profiled to shape on a computer controlled router. The acrylic panel is then placed under a heated metal die etched with your graphics. Bright gold or silver metallic foil is branded onto the underside of the acrylic with up to ten tons of pressure. The stamped piece is then screen printed to provide contrast to the foil image. The final step is to hand polish the bevelled edge and mount onto your plaque.

Photo-Metal - Upon completion or receipt of your artwork, we convert it to a film negative. This film is then placed over a sheet of photo-sensitive silver or goldtone aluminum. After exposing the metal, it is put through a developing process. The imaged plate is sealed, creating a permanent image in the metal. Finally the sheet is cut to size and mounted on a plaque or in a frame of your choice. Screen Printing - Your artwork is burned into a fabric screen. Ink is then forced through the image areas of the screen onto the metal plate or acrylic panel. Each color required needs this process repeated.

Sand Carving - A stencil of your artwork is produced into an abrasive resistant material. The stencil is then applied to the piece to be etched. After placing into the sandblasting cabinet, the piece being etched is sprayed with fine grit abrasive, eroding the open areas of the stencil. The piece is then removed and colorfilled. The remaining stencil is then stripped off, cleaned and mounted to a plaque or frame of your choice.

Sublimation - Digital art is used to produce a print with heat activated inks. This print is then placed into a heat transfer press with a sheet of metal specially coated to be receptive to the inks. The imprinted plate is then trimmed to size and mounted to a plaque.

Woods Available - We primarily work in walnut and cherry. A variety of other woods and finishes are available on custom orders.

Framing - We can create custom framed and matted awards utilizing both wood and metal moldings and incorporating supplied documents or metal plates and FoilArt acrylic medallions.

Custom Acrylic Fabricating - We have extensive experience working in acrylic from 1/8 to  inches in thickness. We can carve, bevel, machine, polish and frost the piece before laser engraving or screening. Contract Engraving Services - We offer laser engraving on customer supplied products. We can also provide imprinted or imaged plates utilizing any of the processes above.